Yocto Linux with .NET Core and real time HMI with C#


i am dreaming of a the following combination:

  • low cost controller like vybrid from NXP
  • yocto linux (with preempt-patch) for the dual core (allready available)
  • writing base board drivers and communication stacks (CANopen e.g.) for linux in C
  • running .NET Core onto the yocto linux OS to enable .Net Framework for the Application
  • Writing real time business logic with C#
  • Design HMI with XAML that uses the business logic
  • Code and Debug in Visual Studio

When will this dream come true?

  • Christian


I think this is going to be the biggest issue. There is no XAML-based UI library that would work on Linux, at least not one released by Microsoft.


NoesisGUI seems to be able to design the HMI with XAML and run on ARM devices.
Nevertheless this is not my most important part - much more important are the other requirements

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