XmlSchema in .NET Core?


XmlSchema is essential for enterprise users. +1


I always use XML schemas (validation readers) to make XML deserialization much easier and more stable. It also allows better error reporting to the user. XML schema is also very useful for unit testing to make sure that serialized documents are correct.

On the other hand, it would be good to ship XML schema in a separate assembly, so people that don’t use XML Schema get the extra overhead. This might require some extra refactoring.


I’m a bit late to this thread, but wanted to add a +1. As I’ve helped customers move to .NET Core, this is one of the few remaining feature areas that regularly comes up as missing and needed. I believe we should prioritize getting it ported.


I am trying to port DocumentFormat.OpenXml, and I cannot, because many System.Xml classes are not in .NET Core.
That’s a real issue, please add them. Any ETA on this ?


Other than XMlSchema - are there other things you need @AdrienConstant?


+1 for sure, would help a lot when processing XBRL documents.


@martin, I’m not him, but besides XmlSchema I would personally love to see DTD/XSD validation features as well.


+1 for XML Schema in .NET Core

  • 1 for XML Schema in Core +DTD/XSD validation/import


+1 for xmlSchema support in .netcore


This is absolutely needed if .Net Core wants to be taken seriously in the enterprise world!



+1 here too I need to write some validation for both xml and json and this is the go to way.


+1 for XmlSchema (for json schema validation you can you JSON.NET it supports the validation)


+1 for xmlSchema
You test your code, right?
Why wouldn’t you test your (and your user’s) structured data??


+1 fro XMLSchema version 1.0 and 1.1 PLEASE!!!

I will use this to validate xml data structures and also compile cobol dynamic structures with 1.1

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