XmlSchema in .NET Core?


I have just done a quickscan through the huge amount of classes, and I honestly have to say, that this is a brave step for MicroSoft to make .Net open source. When I saw System.Xml I was glad to get the whole XML part of it in C#, but it looks like, that System.Xml.Schema is not part of the core .Net project - which is not so good… Are there some plans to make XmlSchema public and open as well?

Why no ValidationType property in XmlReaderSettings?

That’s a good question.

@terrajobst, @Petermarcu, do you know?


XML Schema is currently not part of .NET Core. It’s on the list of areas for us to explore what to do with it.

Do folks care? If so, reply with a +1.


I’d like to see it as part of .NET Core: +1

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I’d also like to see XmlSchema in .NET Core: +1


XmlSchema is a essential part of the W3C XML stack (XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath). As .Net Core will be the runtime for so many different areas, the XML stack should be complete. JSON and the whole new untyped dynamic language world is nice but do not forget enterprise development.



my vote for XmlSchema in .net core +1


Yes making the XmlSchema as part of core.net would be very useful



As it’s essential to do some processing with Xml, I don’t understand why you asked that question?




I would like to see that +1.

Not only is this important to me, the whole Xml stack is. Currently Mono has many bugs in its implementation of XmlSerializer to implement a validating reader. I am looking towards .Net Core as the savior assuming Mono will subsume .Net Core to replace its implementation.

Code using CLR framework does not work in Mono 3.0 at the moment:-(



I’d like to see it as part of .NET Core: +1


+1 because without XmlSchema XML would be rather incomplete although I think that Schema Validation is not that important anymore than it used to be (at least in theory).


+1 for XmlSchema in .NET Core


Yes, please. XmlSchema in .NET Core.

Then we should consider how to plug RelaxNG :smile:


+1 XmlSchema is needed.


+1 XmlSchema is pretty fundamental. Without it there is no way to perform basic sanity checking on incoming XML data before parsing it. I’m not sure why anyone would consider it less important nowadays.


I didn’t see this discussion before, so opened a new issue about it.

Of course validating XML should be part of .NET core, since XML and XSD are cross-platform formats anyway. What alternative would there be if we can’t validate against XSD? Without it, I won’t be able to do a complete port of my code to DNX core.



XmlSchema is still essential in business communications, please add it to Net Core. +1


While XML is in Core, XmlSchema should be as well IMO; +1


Absolutely, and also XSLT transformations; +1

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