Xamarin.Forms + WASM in the browser


Has anyone seen this before? Pretty cool.

Ref: http://praeclarum.org/post/171899388348/oouiwasm-net-in-the-browser

Demo: https://s3.amazonaws.com/praeclarum.org/wasm/index.html


This looks interesting, but how is it running .net in WASM, is it the corert port or the mono port or something else?


As I understand OOUI.wasm, it uses the mono port of .Net which means it is most of .Net 4.7 in the browser.


Right, if I’d scrolled down their web page I would have seen that.


I wonder what it would take to get HTML as an official target of Xamarin.Forms?
What business intensives would be needed if they’re not already in place to make this happen by MS, etc?
Would be so practical I might just explode.

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