Win app on linux app NET CORE 3.0

Hello all,

we want to implement one sofware (.NET) to our company determined to Windows Server. It is MSI package.
BUT… we want it on Debian. Is it possible to run this app on linux with preinstalled .NET CORE 3.0?
Our idea is that we unpack .msi and copy to library in linux with preinstalled .NET CORE 3.0… but we do not know how it works and if it works.
(it is not our app, we have not a source code)

Any idea?

Thank you.


I don’t think you’ll be able to directly run a .Net Framework app on Linux using .Net Core. I think a better option would be to try to use Mono, or possibly Wine. And your chance of success will depend a lot on the kind of app it is: Is it a GUI or console app? If GUI, does it use Winforms or WPF?


first of all. It will be a server, it would run AuditPro if you know it?
It is server for software auditing etc… WF or WPF? This I will find out.
So you have not met that?


WPF is Windows only.
Also use “.NET Core 3.1” or “Mono” on Linux.

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