Will WPF Be Able to Compile to Native Code Someday?


Well, since the .net announced the .net native project, will WPF be able to compile to native code someday?


Yes but not because it’s WPF but when they bring it’s abilities to desktop .NET


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@cat_dead Currently .NET Native is built on top of .NET Core which is a subset of the .NET Framework. WPF on the other hand is built on top of the .NET Framework. Supporting .NET Native would require significant work in the platform and could possibly require large refactoring of existing applications as well. Given these concerns, this particular feature is not a part of our roadmap. If performance is your primary concern, we are investing heavily in making this aspect of WPF better (WPF Roadmap)


Good work, keep fighting!


Yes, please bring this to WPF!

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