Will the windows only library get open sourced too?


I do not think anyone in this thread has a clear understanding about the big picture in porting WPF to Mac or Linux. I am also positive that absolutely NOBODY can port WPF to Mac and/or Linux - I can bet money on that, but time will prove me right:). I have deep understanding of WPF, because I have decompiled it and carefully reviewed its internals - there are countless dependencies on milcore, OLE, Win32 and other technologies that are beyond .NET. I know that because I am one of the developers working on NOV and I do not see anything wrong in pointing people to the only possible solution. Whomever thinks that WPF or WinForms will ever make it to Mac and/or Linux is simply not understanding these technologies - they are developed to run solely on Windows and will never run on anywhere else. NOV is however already on the Mac, and will soon be on Linux - it was made to run everywhere - including inside WPF, WinForms and Silverlight.


We all know about those dependencies, nonetheless WPF builds above those and does it’s own rendering, it’s tied into other techs but not THAT heavily.
Also pointing to alternate solutions is fine, if you give a full disclosure, coming into a thread without stating you’re a dev, pulling out of the blue that the port is impossible even for Microsoft (lol?) and pushing your solution without disclosing first that you’re a dev feels awfully inappropriate.
NOV may already be on the mac, but it’s not on the dozen of other platforms and most of all, it’s not WPF, this thread was made because WPF is what i want, and i’d like to make it cross Platform, not because i’m looking for “a cross Platform solution” and would take anything. There are plenty of other cross Platform solutions (including at least one that is available on linux mac pc and MANY other platforms and that mimics WPF). It’s still not quite the same.
I maintain what i stated, i can make (alone) wpf portable in about 6 month full time work (not ported, portable, as in with all Platform dependencies abstracted and having to implement your own OS / renderer on a per Platform basis).


@Ivo_Milanov1 copy paste from another thread:

Since this is a forum dedicated to discussing .Net open source efforts and collaboration/coordinated efforts between Microsoft and the community, please post the GitHub link of your product’s source code.

If your product is not open source and free for everyone to use, please stop propagandizing it here. This is not the right place for your marketing of proprietary products.

I have already flagged your comments as spam and will continue to do so until you stop propagandizing your proprietary products here. Please keep this forum clean. It’s a place for professional discussion about open source .Net technologies, not some marketplace to propagandize your stuff.

If you believe yourself some kind of messiah who’s “pointing people to the right solution”, again please post the link to the GitHub repository with the full source code of your product for eveyone to use, clone, modify, totally free of charge and with an appropiate FOSS licence such as Apache 2.0 or MIT. Otherwise, please go somewhere else.

Not to mention that your proprietary commercial product is FAR from being “the only possible solution”. It has already been discussed and recommended by respected members of the community (such as Miguel de Icaza) that people might want to implement a XAML stack and DataBinding features in order to support MVVM upon existing open source, free technologies such as XWT.


Tottaly agreed. marketing propriety software in a forum which is for open source and free software is just not acceptable.


I agree about not marketing/propagandizing proprietary solutions here, but at the same time, I want to know what those solutions are. Even though @Ivo_Milanov1 may not be acting well for this forum, I am glad to have found out about his product. Maybe someday I will use it.

So, I wish there was a wiki where non-open source WPF alternatives were listed. Or some rule here in this forum where we can at least mention non-open or partially source open WPF technologies exist, but not talk about them (so as to market/propaganize.) If somebody does market it, forum mods could censor the post as “CENSORED comments about a proprietary product called XYZ Product.” Then those of us who might be interested in proprietary solutions can learn about them, perhaps to help us learn from their strong and weak points in the context of creating an OSS solution.

I have been waiting something like 15 years for a solid GUI in a game/realtime environment. I remember trying to shove GTK/Cairo into a game engine around 2001 and giving up. But, I finally got my WPF answer, and purchased it a couple weeks ago (I won’t mention its name, but it is available for Unity3D, and partially “source open”). I hope for an open source one, but for now I will come running to these guys to try to get them to take my money.

I used to not want to spend a dime on anything, but then I became an adult where I would gladly trade wages from 3 hours of my labor to buy a product that saves me hundreds of hours of making my own solution and helps make my dreams come true.


A while ago, I forked the Avalonia project - an attempt by another to reimplement WPF. Even though the original developer now is putting his effort in a new project - Perplex - I still see a value in this project, learning from him and continuing the project.

I have implemented commanding in the ButtonBase class.

The project is well structured and parts abstracted.

What is needed is a renderer implementation for Linux and Mac.

As suggested above in an earlier post. There is a lot to be learned (and unlearned) from WPF and Mono.

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