Will Core CLR have a Profiling API?


Will the CoreCLR provide the same Profiling API as the .NET Framework (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms404386(v=vs.110).aspx)? Will it be part of the open source code as well?


Now that the CoreCLR source code is published, it seems the code for the Profiling API is still there. E.g. “coreclr/src/vm/eetoprofinterfaceimpl.cpp”. Could anyone shed some light on the future of profiling? Will it be supported in the future? Will it be kept “as-is”?



Yes, profiling APIs are supported on coreclr. attach/detach is not supported. I am not seeing anything else that’s obviously not supported on coreclr (ie, if I look at inc\corprof.idl it has no checks for #ifdef FEATURE_CORECLR). If you are using something that’s supported on desktop but not coreclr we can loop in someone from the profiling team.


Similar issue on GitHub: https://github.com/dotnet/coreclr/issues/445

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