Where does Microsoft stands today regarding WebAssembly?



If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, have you guys given any thought to WebAssembly? Any road-maps revolving around Microsoft and WebAssembly? Any thoughts on what role will the .NET framework will play in the WebAssembly world?



I’m afraid I’m not sure what Microsoft’s position is yet or what (if any) .NET involvement would be. I pinged a few folks about the effort on the 30th June 2015 - I’ll go ping them again now and see if they have commented about this publicly yet but I don’t think so. This is definitely something on my radar though to track and Microsoft folks are publicly acknowledged as being involved as participants (and co-chairs) https://www.w3.org/community/webassembly/participants

If you are interested, probably best to join the group at the W3C which is where most of the discussion is likely to happen to begin with.


You might also want to check out the ChakraCore repo on GitHub


Thanks Martin.

I have to say that I am a little surprised and disappointed from the fact that nothing seems to be coming out Microsoft regarding WebAssembly.

Perhaps I got the whole WebAssembly concept wrong and it is not that big of a deal. However, the way I understand it so far is that if it comes to fruition, it will basically end up becoming a truly universal CLR. It will first run in the browser but I am sure that soon after it will expand to run everywhere. In other words, it will be the programming infrastructure that will rule all other (aside from niche applications).

This is a huge deal (at least it is to me) and if that is the case, Microsoft needs to seriously start getting involve and give some direction / opinions as best as it can (particularly regarding the role that .NET may play with WebAssembly) There are people right now trying to figure out what to do right now and WebAssembly needs to be part of the conversation…. Just my opinion, maybe I am being too dramatic.


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