What is the roadmap of workflow foundation


What is the roadmap of workflow foundation?

  1. Will it be open source? When?
  2. Will .net core supports it? When?
    From Peter


I can’t speak for anything official.

Currently, there’s a version of Workflow Foundation that works for the core part of it that is available under corewf. It works but does not support XAML workflow parsing due to the lack of a System.Xaml equivalent under .Net Core.

The issue “Port Workflow Foundation to .Net Core” of the corefx github was closed. The related (blocking issue) “Port System.Xaml to .Net Core” is very quiet with no progress. Both were some of the most commented issues of the corefx github with 149 and 160+ comments.

I also asked if the source of the System.Xaml parsing could be open sourced on the reference source repository, but again … no response.

I understand that it’s not the most popular framework, but the lack of communication associated with all this is very frustrating, especially since we’re so close to getting it to work for XAML parsing. There’s hope that Portable.Xaml’s issue to fix the deferred loading would unblock the parsing of XAML for the workflows.

So at this time, I don’t really know if there is any other progress or will to move forward with Workflow Foundation. Dustin Metzgar is the person who might know the most about it.

That’s all I know about it. Also, there was a previous discussion on this forum about WF.


Thanks EWin, your answer is helpful


Well the fix for XAMl parsing in Portable.Xaml has been merged in. This allows Xaml workflows with all static parameters defined.

Next step will be to implement the code interpreter…

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