What are the main missing features of .net framework?



I don’t know this is the right place or not to discuss this, but if it’s not, please point me to the right direction.

The .net framework has already awesome features, such as; string manipulation, datetime jobs, culture spesific functions, file i/o, cryptology, codec/media functions, system threading etc. But I believe extending those features or adding new ones will make it better. An example, .net framework team added “memory monitoring” in .net framework 4.7, because this feature was missing in the framework. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/whats-new/#net47 I’m searching other featuresWhat they will add ? and what are missing ?

So, What are the main missing features in .net framework for you ?

Is there any suggestions website for this topic ?
I mean, I’m new for dotnetfoundation.org, but this website mixed with questions, .net core related topic, features-suggestions etc, it’s not easy to find the whole list, what community wants for next framework version. Or is this information ( feature-list ) confidential some-how ?

Here is my “starter edition” wish-list;

  • Mathematical statistics functions ( such as mean, median etc )
  • More compression functions ( zlib, gzip, bz2, lzma, zipFile, tarFile etc. )
  • Kiril alphabet methods ( converting them to latin alphabet etc. )
  • More DateTime methods ( finding first monday of given month and year etc )

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In theory, this is a fine place. In practice, this forum is not very active. Though I’m not sure what would be a better place: issues on the Microsoft/dotnet repo are not very active either; maybe the r/dotnet subreddit?

If you want these APIs added to .Net Framework, then currently the best way is to propose that they be added to .Net Core on the dotnet/corefx repo (following the API review process). Most APIs that are added to .Net Core should eventually make their way into .Net Framework, so it makes sense to propose adding APIs to .Net Core even of you only care about .Net Framework.

Regarding the APIs you mention, some already have proposals:


definitely linux/macOS support.
.net Core already addresses this, but from my understanding is separate from .net framework


We want WCF for server!!!


The problem, for me, is the ecosystem and not, only, the framework.
For example, look at the library / framework available for nodejs or python and the .net side, no way.
For my daily job, I need tools for ML, math, IOT, string manipulation, video compression and so on. A lot of them are or not available or they require a fee (more than 800$ for developer in more than one case).


I strongly regret that .net is not like py with too many math things, but py and js are dif from .net.
For server-side, i only envy java.


Microsoft has released updates to.NET Core 3.0 and the .NET Framework 4.8. .NET Core 3.0 adds several features that the .NET Framework developer community requested, such as side-by-side versions that support WinForms and WPF and the ability to embed .NET directly into an application.
.NET Framework 4.8 adds features such as modern browser and modern media controls, access to touch and UWP controls, and high DPI improvements.


With ML.NET and Deedle the gap with Python for “easy” and not intensive analysis is closed.
The possibility to use an ONNX models is the last step for a full .NET core implementation of a lot of models in my company.

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