WASM / ASM.JS plans / projects?


btw, seems threads are coming to WebAssembly, at least in Chrome, judging from
(btw, interesting API table there)

API Migration

We’ve outlined here the status of Web Platform substitutes for each of the APIs exposed to §NaCl. Additionally, the table lists the library or option in Emscripten that offers the closest substitute.

We expect to add shared memory threads support to WebAssembly in 2017, as threads are crucial to matching §NaCl’s most interesting use cases. Migration items which assume forthcoming threads support are marked below. If your application’s flow control relies heavily on blocking APIs, you may also find threads support is required for convenient porting.

While we’ve tried to be accurate in this table, there are no doubt errors or omissions. If you encounter one, please reach out to us on native-client-discuss@googlegroups.com


Another thing to note is that WebAssembly (WASM) first version’ design has reached browser consensus since Feb 2017. Some useful links are at the end of that announcement (follow the url below)

WebAssembly CG members representing four browsers, Chrome, Edge, Firefox,
and WebKit, have reached consensus that the design of the initial (MVP [1])
WebAssembly API and binary format is complete to the extent that no further
design work is possible without implementation experience and significant
usage. This marks the end of the Browser Preview and signals that browsers
can begin shipping WebAssembly on-by-default. From this point forward,
future features will be designed to ensure backwards compatibility.

This consensus includes a JavaScript API [2] and binary format [3]
accompanied by a reference interpreter [4]. You can test out WebAssembly
today using the Emscripten toolchain by following the developer’s guide [5]
and reading more on MDN [6].

The next steps will be to form a W3C Working Group, to produce a
specification for the initial version of WebAssembly, and to continue
iterating on future features [7] in the current Community Group. To get
involved, you can join design discussions [8] and contribute [9] to the the
WebAssembly GitHub project.



@birbilis have u got any news more about wasm .net? my dear bro


We have some updates to share, but I suspect a new thread will be best.

We now have Mono running on WebAssembly in two modes:

  • Full static compilation, similar to iOS, where we compile all your .NET code into webassembly and you can embed this in a web page.

  • Interpreter mode: where only the Mono runtime is compiled to webassembly, but an interpreter will execute your IL code - useful for interactive development experiences and to avoid recompiling and relinking everything every time.

The latter is being merged into Mono, the former is being worked by Laurent here:

Laurent will be posting on a new thread


seems not to find the jit one in https://github.com/mono/mono


Thank you for saving .NET, @migueldeicaza! You’re truly the only one that gets it. Well, the only one who has power to change things, that is. :slight_smile: We are indebted to your efforts. :+1:


That’s Amazing I like this post…

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