WASM / ASM.JS plans / projects?

Are there any official plans / thoughts about supporting WASM or ASM.JS via CoreRT or Mono AOT? It seems logical to #1 write web apps in C# and have other lang options other then bug prone javaScript among many other things. Transpilers aren’t a good long term solution.

I see a couple projects lerking around but no one with the time or skills to make it happen all the way. Funding I guess would be the issue as I’m sure lots would love to have it. Maybe a Kickstarter to fund those with the skills to make it happen?



We want to bring Mono to WebAssembly. Given that it is still an evolving standard, we have not started work on this specifically, but much of the work that was required to make this happen has been done as part of our support for watchOS, which happens to be an operating system with many of the same limitations that WebAssembly would impose on us.

Ping me again in three months :slight_smile:


How about ~6? :slight_smile: Looks like WASM is already deployed in Chrome, @migueldeicaza.

We have started work on this.

We posted about the changes to the Mono runtime to the mailing list late
last year.


Hey that’s great! This is the first I have heard of this, and it is great to hear. Apparently I need to subscribe to this mailing list. :slight_smile: Thank you for taking time to update here.

Now we have both firefox and chrome support on webassembly. Hope mono could work on it soon

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Any news, repo to Watch or other?

Looks like WebSharp is the repo to follow. They recently changed the description from c# for electron to c# for the web browser.

@tzachs I don’t think this is true.
QUOTE: “This project is intended to support running .NET code as an Electron Plugin”

That project isn’t using WASM but is maybe some framework work that would apply when it is.

@zezba9000 right, it doesn’t currently use WASM, but I’m guessing it will (might be a wild guess which is completely wrong). Mostly because of the recent title change (“Support for running C# on the web browser.”), and also the last comment in the readme about WASM, and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any other actively developed repo from xamarin that comes close to this (that I saw).

They expose DOM c# APIs there which can be made to work against WASM instead of PepperSharp (which I’m not sure what will become of it as Google deprecated NaCl in favor of WASM).

I would definitely love to see more concrete details about WASM development, so we wouldn’t need to resort to guessing.

I already follow WebSharp (See the future section they talk about WebAssembly). In fact the reason i ask is because i discover this project and it made me remember migueldeIcaza post. So i came back here to ask.
This project is also related https://github.com/kg/ilwasm in particiular the first issue and the stars prove how much webassembly it’s waited…
I don’t thinks C# will really support WebAssembly until 2020 because there is too much work to do (and we must wait that browser in enterprise start supporting before) with all the new project, reorganisation… But i feel sad they didn’t talk about there plan (Deadline) in the build.

Also EDGE has the WASM support as Experimental Javascript on Windows 10 Creators Update,
you can see on about:flags section.
Could be funny test the c# / mono implementation side by side :wink:


Check it out:

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“Blazor” uses “DotNetAnywhere”. Which is interpreted and hasn’t been updated for 6 years.

@migueldeicaza,hola, Miguel. We want “WebMono” to support xaml-standard!!!
Es lo que todos xaml-fans, nos, queremos!!!

Unless mistaken Xamarin.Forms will be updated with xaml standard. That in turn could be made to have a HTML backend.

Hello. So, what’s status for wasm now?

@migueldeicaza, any news on bringing mono / XF to WebAssembly?
Ionic+angular gives an answer for all platforms out there including web.
XF lacks web output, filling this gap will be a huge kick up, and a great tidings for LoB developers.

Here is their update: http://www.mono-project.com/news/2017/08/09/hello-webassembly/

Mono / .NET running in WASM example: http://www.hipbyte.com/~lrz/mono-wasm-hello/
FYI demo only works in Firefox out of the box for me.

Some useful comments by Miguel here:

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