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My aim is to develop a website for my company and I’m planning to use .NET for that. Basically, that’s a recommendation from a friend. So we’re a global marketing company and we already have a website but the point is that it’s too old and we haven’t updated it for a long time, so we wanna build a new website now and we’re planning to have a dedicated iPad app later.

We expect a modernized version of the existing website, so upgraded functionality, speed and design would be the objectives.

And the same friend of mine said that the better option for us would be to offshore this .NET development (in terms of costs mostly), and at present I’m looking for a .NET company which could handle this development for me.

Could you give any recommendations about the way to choose a company?


Not sure that your solution should be offshoring, however, that is totally up to you…
As you said, there are many companies today and this fact makes choosing the “right” for your project really hard.
Well, have a look at the portfolio of the company, ask for the references from their clients, have a talk with them about the work conducted. Don’t pay too much attention to the price as the cheapest can’t guarantee you that the services will be done fine. And on the contrary, don’t try to rush for the most expensive rates as you can find the same quality at a reasonable and lower price. Ask if the company has any certificates, usually that’s one of the guarantees of quality.
Briefly, that’s it.

Thanks for the tips, appreciate that!
@Whickeenet, maybe you also know some companies that could be of help with this project?

I do wonder if .NET is the best solution for you to use as a basic WordPress site with some additional functionality tends to be enough for many companies. Or Drupal, Joomla or other ready-made product. So before deciding to use .NET, I hope you and your friend have considered what your site needs.
If you can provide a list of requirements for this site, we might give you a better advise as to which company to choose.
Offshoring this project might be a good option but there are many offshore companies that might not have the proper qualifications. And another problem is contacting them, providing clear instructions and you might want to visit the offshore company personally before doing business with them.
Keep in mind that offshoring might bring various legal challenges with it. The offshore company will likely be in a different time zone, have a different legal system, a different native language and might observe different holiday dates, which all makes communication a bit challenging.
In the past, I had to work (as employer) with offshore companies in India, Dubai, the Philippines and Romania. My worst experience was with a developer in Dubai, who took a month off without notifying us as he had a wedding in the family that needed to be celebrating. When he returned, he pretended as if nothing happened and expected to be paid for his month off. We fired him, but the legal system in Dubai forced us to still pay him for 6 months… So, you need to have a clear contract with clear rules and have it checked by your own legal advisors.
My best experience was with a Romanian offshore company, as they clearly knew what they were doing. The language barrier was our biggest challenge, though, as English was clearly not their native language. Which meant that spellchecking was a requirement for anything they delivered.
Keep in mind that you should have at least one experienced .NET developer in your own company to provide code reviews and to provide technical insights. This developer should also be able to fix minor issues and be willing to travel to the offshore company once in a while. But if your site requirements aren’t too complex then that single developer could do most of the maintenance and you should just hire local developers for temporary development.


As I’ve said before, don’t have that much experience with offshoring and out sourcing. However, I know that these guys provide .NET software outsourcing:

Good luck!

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Wow, thank you so much for such a detailed post! Really appreciate that
I’ll talk with my friend about the choice of technology, maybe we should decide on something else…

Thanks for the links.

My suggestion would be to figure out exactly what you want to do with the website, and then go from there. WordPress, for example, has tons of add-ins that may give you everything you need - so all you have to worry about is how to host it; which is a completely different discussion then how to offshore .NET development.

However, if you are going to go .NET, I highly recommend any new development be on .NET Core so that you can get cost savings in hosting (by not having to host on Windows, which typically costs more because of licensing fees).

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Thanks for the advice given!

Greetings from CIS Pvt. Ltd.
Hope you are doing well!
I have seen your requirements and our company can assist you with your requirements we are having 15+ years experience in developing websites and we are specialized in .NET apart from that i am also mentioning my mail id you can reach me any time and yes it will cost you less if you go offshore.

looking forward to hearing from you!

Seth R

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