Validation Framework for .NET Framework


I’ve created a framework that helps programmers to easily validate their objects. Check it out on GitHub at and let me know, what you think.


Respect for all the effort you put into this!
Can you perhaps elaborate on how it differs from the built-in validation framework and why one would use yours instead of the built-in one maintained by Microsoft and the greater .NET community? While having a look at your readme, it looked quite similar to the built-in validation framework.


Thank you. Well I’ve built this a long time ago and have only recently made it GitHub worthy :slight_smile: I am aware that Microsoft supports something similar, this was just a way for me to make validation work the way I wanted it to (and I like the challenge as well). I felt like the Microsoft version only offers the most basic validation attributes that did not satisfy my needs I find my approach to be more flexible, easily extendable, localizable and supports most my validation needs out of the box. It can be easily integrated into any .NET application and does not constrain you. And just maybe somebody else will find it useful as well.


Perhaps you could add that reasoning atop the README. I believe that would greatly help adoption.


That is a good idea. I will do that, thank you.

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