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I have seen the build 2015 and was very impress about using asp.net on every OS without specific code. I thougth that we can build an app without Mono (Xamarin) on every device.
For me mono was an open source compiler and .net framework. So with Roslyn and the new .net why Xamarin is needed for develop on every plateform except for gui (Since xaml is not a part of the new .net yet and os specific ui rules). I have also heard that some…net part make with silverligth was make on mono.
I’m lost what is mono? Why mono don’t use c#6 and still use c#3 (and what does that really mean)? Why c# on android/ios/linux can be without it?

Thanks in advance for you reply.


Hello @Fabien_Geraud,

Mono is an open-source port of the .NET Framework that is cross-platform, but not officially supported by Microsoft. .NET Core is a refactored, modular subset of the .NET Framework that is also open source and cross-platform, and is officially supported by Microsoft.

ASP.NET 5 runs on top of the .NET Core, however, we’re still building it (check progress here) so we also provide the ability to run on top of mono as well. I believe ASP.NET Beta7 supports .NET Core released on NuGet and so we’re getting closer, but mono is still supported since there is more there right now. Here’s a good guide on which runtime to choose and why: Choosing the Right .NET For You on the Server.

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Why mono don’t use c#6 and still use c#3

Sorry That was unity not mono… Thanks for your reply.

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