Ubuntu send messages to Azure Service Bus (.core, .micro or mono?)


Dear forum and fellow coders, I am looking to post messages to Azure service bus running as a binary on Ubuntu.

Ideally, since i know C# very well, i would just like to write a C# app and deploy it to Ubuntu.

I presume Ubuntu binaries will need to run on .core build, so do packages exost (or does the Azure libs themsevles) come in .core codebase?

Is .core the same as .net micro, and can they run on ubuntu or do i need mono - sorry if silly question, all the libs are confusing.

If i cant write native C# to run on Ubuntu i could still get by but would need to learn python to pump the messages up to the bus http://iottopic.com/amqp-to-azure-service-bus-with-linux/



you can write everything in C# running on .NET Core :wink:
Ubuntu download

.NET Core is a new framework that will run everywhere and you can check here the compatibility with the others .NET platform (with the .NET standard support)

The client for the Azure Service Bus is there.


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