Tutorial for beginners


Hi everybody!
I’m not a professional programmer and programming is a hobby for me. Can someone provide a link to ide and tutorial for beginners to start programming in linux?


Hey there - Welcome!

Here are a couple of decent getting start guides for Linux:

You can use your favorite editor but Microsoft also makes available an editor called VS Code on Linux:

If you want a full IDE environment allowing you to do .NET on Linux you might also want to take a look at MonoDevelop

Hope that helps - let us know how you get on and if you find other articles or videos that where useful to you.


On Linux MonoDevelop / Mono is still the best solution if you’re actually using Linux as your Desktop.
Its the easiest way to start (as easy as Windows). After that using CoreCLR for portability would be good.



There is compilation of book titles and links by Miguel De Icaza on his blog. I usually give this link to developers that want to start with .net/mono on non-Windows platforms:


Miguel listed few books quite important for Unix (Linux) programming and understanding basic concepts.




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