This my home work please help any one

.net c#
Task 1

1.find maximum and second maximum in an array/list (implement a sorting algorithm, which will first sort the array)

1.1. Implement a sorting algorithm, which will first sort the array

1.2. If possible, the implementation should support different data types. (value types and reference types).

Task 2

Implement the following function to Generate a List to CSV

public static string GenerateToCsv(this IList items, char seperator)



The following rules must apply:

  1. Separate data fields with a delimiter, usually a comma. This should be a single character.

  2. Keep each record on a separate line. Each record must start on its own line.

  3. Do not follow the last record in a file with a carriage return.

  4. In the first line of the file, include a header with a list of the column names in the file.

  5. Make sure the header list is delimited in the same way as the rest of the file. This helps guard against the data fields being transposed in the data when it is loaded, which can lead to getting wrong answers when you query the data.

  6. Remember that the enclosing character (double quotes) must be used when required, such as when the delimiter appears in a field.

… that GenerateToCsv method is way nastier than it sounds if it has to take arbitrary types, because it would require (expensive) reflection. It’s not generic, either, which means the rows could potentially be completely different types, which makes zero sense in context, and also means you couldn’t cache the reflection code either. Point 3 is “wrong” in the sense that some file systems require all lines in a file to end in a carriage return. Point 6 doesn’t warn you about escaping the enclosing character explicitly… Or what any desired numeric formatting is.

Was there something specific you needed help with?

yes bro i need to completed this task
first one i have completed and the second one in progress

I’ve been looking at this question for a few days and I wonder who created it. This is a weird homework question for a .NET developer…
First of all, there’s LINQ which can easily get the first answer by using the OrderBy clause followed by the Take clause. So, something like “dataset.OrderBy(d=>d.field).Take(2)” should give you the right answer for any array or list.
Implementing your own sorting algorithm? Bloody hell! Don’t even consider doing that, as the C# sort/orderby methods are way more efficient. And as I said, the OrderBy method found in LINQ can be used for all data types as you use a delegate method to retrieve the value that you want to order by.
This already exists! Don’t re-invent the wheel, please.

As for the second part… Why an IList and not an IEnumerable? Especially, why not an IEnumerable to make it more generic? And why not just use a library like which has plenty of functionality built-in?
These homework questions seem hopelessly outdated. While it’s fun to learn how these things work, most experienced developers won’t need to know this as this is already done by various libraries. There are far more important things to learn as a C# developer than these homework tasks…

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