The Cairo C# Binding has been ported to .NET core


CairoSharp is the successor of the old Mono.Cairo. Cairo is a low-level 2D vector drawing library.

A former release works on Windows desktop (Winform/WPF/Console Application) on .NET 4.5 and linux (tested on Ubuntu 12.04) on mono 4.2. CairoSharp has been ported to .NET Core (.NET Standard 1.6) after that release.

Only Windows destop is supported now. Maybe CairoSharp works on linux and macOS, but that hasn’t been tested yet.

It’s possible to make cairo work on mobile platforms also. AFAIK, to make cairo work on windows runtime platform, we need to replace the unsupported win32 APIs used in the native cairo with supported ones.

I hope someone can help me to make CairoSharp work on Linux and macOS.



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