Targeting corefx right now?


I’m an absolute C# fanatic who has been quietly hoping for a Linux port of the .NET framework for years. You can imagine that my last two months have been filled with suspense and excitement – so much, in fact, that I find myself wishing there was a way to start a new C# codebase targeted at corefx right now, before coreclr/corefx are actually viable.

Have you considered coming up with and publishing a comprehensive list of assemblies/namespaces that will be open sourced under corefx? With such a list, it would be possible for developers to target .NET Core in parallel as its being developed. Extra points for including a Visual Studio 2015 “CoreFX” framework target!



Yes they already have come up with that , see on the below given link their is an excel file which lists all the assemblies namespaces and types that are going to be open sourced.

Here you go …


This is great, I can’t believe I missed this!

Is it possible for users to create their own .NET Framework profiles?


Tonight, I created a project template for Visual Studio 2013 & 2015 that you can use to create a .NET Core Class Library. To read more about what it does under the covers, see my blog post.

Note, while I do work for Microsoft, I’m not on the .NET team. They may not approve of my methods. I’m merely an enthusiastic developer like yourself. This was all “off the clock” as it were.

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