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SymbolSource is a rather fundamental service in the .NET opensource ecosystem, supporting debug symbol and source indexing and hosting for any NuGet packages (step directly into sources) and integrated directly into the NuGet tooling.

Unfortunately SymbolSource is in a rather bad state. In fact I don’t remember a single time over the last couple years where I did not run into timeouts or issues with their backend SQL server when trying to publish my symbol packages. Also the web frontent typically has loading times in the range of minutes.

Would it be an option for the .NET foundation to step in and support the SymbolSource team in making this a great and reliable service again, and with this support the whole .Net opensource ecosystem?

I’m not affiliated with SymbolSource in any way, but use the service in various .Net opensource projects.


I totally agree. I am almost always getting timeouts or errors while publishing nuget packages.


:+1: I myself experienced problems while publishing my nugets :frowning:


Anyone tried their new engine?


Ah - thanks for the link, I had not been aware of this new engine. Will give it a spin.


Being very much affiliated with the service, I will not comment at the suggestion, at least for now.

I strongly encourage everyone to read my blog post and spread the word about moving to the new engine. Changeswith the new URLs are also in the pipeline for NuGet 2/3 clients and related docs, but there we need some love from the maintainers.

The current SymbolSource website is integrated with the old engine, and in a very bad state indeed. I can only (once again) apologize for the situation. We are currently running SymbolSource as a side project and there is only a limited number of hours in a day (and night…).

There are a few areas holding us back at the moment: migrating private repositories to the new engine and finishing up some integrations, so that we don’t loose any major features when migrating.

#7 now also has a built-in symbol server -

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