Suggestion - Subcategories


While I expect the Categories listing to eventually grow, I’d like to suggest that categories be expanded to include nesting, such as:

  • Languages
  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic
  • Frameworks
  • Metro


@Aravol, When you say categories, can you explain what you are referring to (sorry if I am not getting it)? Are you referring to a taxonomy for how projects are classified, or are you talking about how is organized?


@keitheye What I refer to is how the website itself is organized - when you create a topic, you can apply a “category,” and when you are on the main page, you can filter by Category. Currently this is the only thread using any Category, which is the only available one, “Meta.”


@Aravol, Understood. I agree with you that we should be using categories and meta tags to help organize the discussions on forum

I have also been thinking about the .NET Foundation (DNF) forums and their purpose. These forums were not meant to duplicate discussion forums already existing (Like the MSDN forums for C# or the CLR), These forums were meant to facilitate discussions concerning the .NET Foundation (DNF), the services it provides to the .NET Community, as well as its governance and operation. When I think of category tags for this purpose, they include things like General Community, Services, Legal, Governance, Operations, etc. Does that sound right to you?

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