Stall: Install Windows apps from the command line!


Hi all! I’ve been working on a small .NET project recently called Stall. It’s a command-line tool that serves as an installer for your Windows app, similar to MSI.


  • No configuration needed; you can install an app without touching its code
  • No UAC dialogs presented to the user
  • Programs are local to the current user’s account
  • Uninstall scripts are generated for you automatically

Stall is open-source and freely available on GitHub. You can download the latest release from here:

Please enjoy!



After stalling an app, if you uninstall from the Control Panel, what happens? Are any files removed, how does stall know which ones?


Hey @justinmchase, thanks for asking. Essentially what happens is when you first install your app, Stall copies your app’s folder to AppData\Local and then makes a bunch of registry entries configuring things like publisher, version, etc. When you click Uninstall from the Control Panel, the copy is removed (the original folder remains untouched) and all of these registry entries are deleted.


This is pretty cool. I need to try it out!

I’ve always been jealous of how easily it is to install things on *nix compared to Windows.

I’m curious: How do you see your project comparing to things like chocolatey, PowerShell OneGet/PackageManagement, and npackd?


I’d say Stall isn’t really similar to Chocolatey in that it’s not a package manager-- it’s job is to act as an installer for programs that don’t come with one. Chocolatey (which is a great project, by the way) is responsible for additional things like app updates/package management.


Ah, that makes sense. I don’t think I fully grokked what Stall was trying to do until you explained it that way. Cool!

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