Sockets / Networking functionality improvements


First, I’ve been involved in socket / networking technologies with .net / mono for quite a while.

Especially my last project, a .net based pooled crypto coin ming server software CoiniumServ, targets both .net full and mono and heavily relies on networking / socket systems.

Basically I was able to implement it and maintain it for .net and mono which allows to set the setup the server on Windows, Linux or MacOS.

The hard part is maintaining a bare minimum of standards for all the platforms. I’ve hit different base implementations and missing functionality numerous times.

Different Implementations

Missing functionality (both for socket and other sub-systems)

The thing is that basically linux and windows takes different routes for non-blocking socket models. You can basically create a code that can target all the platforms, but performance-wise it’s isn’t really the best around.

So what will be the .net core’s approach on supporting socket / networking models of *nix and Windows? Can we expect to see a common code base that can compete with libuv performance-wise?


I certainly hope, especially the WCF stuff as a whole, is merged between both Mono and corefx to produce a single, community-maintained codebase.

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