Single Open Intermediate Language (SOIL) Initiative

I came across the SOIL-initiative which aims to create a Single Open Intermediate Language. I believe perhaps if there is a collaboration with this initiative it might benefit .Net also. Areas this can improve might be interoperability and perhaps Blazor application in the future which could target multiple platforms.

I think their goals are definitely worthwhile, but their statement about JVM/CLR is making me suspicious:

Both of these (proprietary) systems

OpenJDK and .Net Core are open source, they’re not proprietary.

Both of these […] systems were designed to primarily support a single language

JVM was (there’s a reason it has “Java” in its name), but CLR wasn’t: it was explicitly designed to support many languages. Though it’s true it evolved into a platform with a single primary language.

the fact that both of these systems needed extensions specifically to support dynamically typed languages are demonstrative of their failure to be language agnostic

It’s also demonstrative of their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Not being able to do everything right since version 1 is not a failure on its own. Also, using the same criteria, WebAssembly should be considered a failure too.

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LLVM IR is already this.

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