Request Sharepoint with GetListItemChangesSinceToken do not parse subFolders (subItems) anymore



I have to repair a .NET application that communicates with a Sharepoint site. This application uses the function GetListItemChangesSinceToken to retrieve new items from a SharePoint library.

But, since recently, for an unknown reason, this function returns only the content wich is at the root of this library and do not parse recursively the sub content anymore. Yet, neither the code of the application, neither the structure of the library (on client side) has been changed, as far as I know. (I have no vision on what is done on server side).

My question is : Is there a way to force the GetListItemChangesSinceToken function to parse recursively the subcontent of its target library ?

If it is not possible, is there an alternative solution ?



Besides, I have found a way to retrieve items that are at the root of a subfolders by using " Full url of the subfolder " in the queryOptions parameter.

This is the only “solution” I have found so far.

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