Protection against patent trolls


I’m wondering what protections or legal assistance are available if we are targeted by a patent troll about something we used from a .NET foundation library.

I’d listened to the discussion here: and it seemed to say that the foundation would have your back in such a situation. But I’m not finding anything in writing.


My conclusion has been for YEARS that ABSOLUTELY ALL problems in America, regardless of what isle or side one picks for defining the problems, stem from the fact that Americans do not take time for thinking. I emphasize: it is so REGARDLESS OF THE SIDE THAT ONE PICKS. The very idea that a fast decision is better than no decision, really backfires time and time again.

I could choose any of the issues covered at any mainstream or alternative media channel for getting illustrations, but to stay more relevant to the topics of this forum, I pick the patent trolling issue. The way I understand it in 2016_06, the Microsoft at its early years had a business model, where the scale-up was based on clients that buy in bulk. That means, huge corporations. Huge corporations are run by typical corporate Master-of-Business-Administration types, who often times tend to be psychopaths, as described in the move titled, The Corporation. As the MBA-types tend to abuse anyone, who is weak enough to be abused, the only way Bill Gates could handle clients like that was to arm himself to the teeth with lawyers, to be a really tough guy. I do not know all the details, but law part was some family business of the parents of the Bill Gates, so he was really well armed in that context. Add to the fact that if the main tool is a hammer, then every problem seems to be a nail and that lead the Microsoft to be a nasty, giant, patent troll itself.

That’s just one side of the story. What regards to the closed source bias of Microsoft then again, given the nature of the clients of Microsoft, closed source is pretty much the only way to get any reasonable amounts of money from mega-corporations even in 2016, because that’s the only way to deliver a FINISHED, READY, TURNKEY, product in literally 15 minutes. The reason for such a fast delivery requirement is that the typical MBA-types just intellectually are not capable of long-term planning and they just intellectually do not understand the concept that stone bricks can be really well studied and measured, but that data does not tell anything about the composite systems, brick houses, that can be built from those bricks. The MBA-types are just intellectually incapable of comprehending the fact that the moment well known components are assembled together to form something new, the activity is RESEARCH, a walk in the unknown. I mean, we, IT-people, may talk among ourselves that the fact that the Periodic Table (of chemicals) is well known, the bacteria, viruses, mammals that consist of those chemical elements, are still a tough problem, but the MBA-types at the corporations think that if known software components are assembled to a new, composite, system, then that can be done by some deadline with guarantees that the thing will actually work. So, any kind of DEVELOPMENT WORK, which is essentially assembly of well known components to form something new, is absolutely un-plannable, not understandable, outside of their calculations, outside of their business plans, risks of RESEARCH are IGNORED. And that leaves all software companies, Microsoft included, to a situation that if they want to serve those clients, they have to provide COMPLETE, FINISHED, products, which have to be closed source and guarded by an army of lawyers to avoid being ripped off by the MBA-types.

Now, the twist of the story is that if the Bill Gates had given a longer thought about his activities, he would have not tried to run over the little guys as a side-effect of his pursuit to glory and avoided the current, 2016, truly stupid situation, where he re-invests a lot of his wealth, through the Gates and Melinda Foundation, to simply make up the damages that he did during the earning of that wealth. At least, in my view, there’s no point of earning X and then spending that X to compensate the damages that were done during the earning of the X. Add to that the fact that most real innovation comes from the very small startups and freelancers that the Bill Gates Microsoft wanted to wipe off the market with his software patent lobby and other nasty means (search “Microsoft Halloween Documents”), and the picture exactly matches with what I stated: at first Americans do not take time for thinking, prefer a fast decision to a “no decision”, and then that fast decision backfires in some nasty way, destroying a lot of the winnings that were gained in the short term.

That’s just my view.
Thank You for reading my comments.


Thanks for such a handy information about patent trolls . There is also a term patent pirates which has been used tell of both patent trolling and take heed of patent infringement.There are so many patent firm who can tell about protection against patent trolling in fine way.

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