Proposal for the API Review process


@terrajobst wrote up an API Review process for the corefx repo. It’s similar to the process we use at Microsoft, adapted for public discourse on GitHub.

We’re looking for public comment on it, before we establish it as the official process and start running with it. There are a several PRs (ex: #110) that add API surface area that have been waiting in a holding pattern for this process. We’ll run those through the process first, and (hopefully) get them merged in. After that, we’ll run new APIs through the process as they arrive, starting with a description of the intended new API as an issue.

You are encouraged to comment on issue #294 directly if you have feedback on it. More meta feedback is probably better here.

I’m personally very excited to see this process put in place. We know that many .NET developers appreciate the consistency and high-quality of .NET APIs. We want to keep that characteristic in place with open source .NET Core. This process is the way of doing that.


The API review process is now part of our developer wiki.

Read more in our announcement.

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