Process (and esimated time) for project to be considered to foundation


It’s great to see the recent activity with big and known names such as Xamarin and JetBrains joining/announcing publications to the .NET Foundation.

There was another post asking for this, but it’s 1.5 years old (October 2014), so I figured to bump a new thread to focus on the state of today’s project policy.

I myself applied my “The Ball Platform” project to the foundation 3rd of April, a month ago, but haven’t heard anything back since. I tried reaching to private mails as well just to ask for status/usual approval time, but didn’t get response through that channel either. Only clear response I got, was the approval of my Contrubutor Agreement signing, which was prompt and happened within two days of my submission.

So is there going to be some major/clear changes now that are going to affect the project approvals, or what’s the deal… do you still look for any community projects to apply and possibly enter the foundation?

I loved to see that .NET Foundation appeared to be activating :slight_smile:




Its still been quiet since that 3rd of April, but I see new projects announced on blog on weekly basis :slight_smile:

So any update the staff could share about the policy and estimated times for processing applicants?




This kind of silence seems bit odd considering that one of the parts the foundation is supposed to focus is community :slight_smile:; and I believe the community-driven projects were the ones that would make the foundation valid.

So any news on this topic…? It’s now two months since I haven’t heard back, one month already in this thread.





Still kind of waiting to get some response to this. The foundation clearly is active from the big-names perspective, and for projects that are based on Microsoft’s own source base.

What is the process for this foundation to consider open source projects to be accepted…?

Or have I misunderstood the part that community-born initiatives is one of the goals, enabling community-born open source projects to emerge?


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