Precooked linux with dotnet core for virtualbox


hi, I am interested in trying .net core on linux in virtualbox, but I am unable to find an appropriate version of linux with an appropriate set of documentation and samples for currently available version of donet core…

could you just build one publicly downloadable virtualbox image of linux of whatever sort with the current version of dotnet core installed in it, with a short text on how to build a sample or two…

I am interested primarily in testing command line programs and only after mastering that, and mastering updating dotnet core to current version am I willing to start with ASP.NET on it

so, downloadable, precooked virtual box image would be of help so we would not have to wrestle with versions of dotnet and linux and…

virtual box would not be the problem because it can be found used around us for many purposes as it is free and just works…

btw, is included with a development for dotnet core as of now? a single sample would suffice

thanks a lot :slight_smile:



At this point, we don’t have plans to provide a precooked image for Virtual Box. We are focusing at providing install options that fit well into each platform’s native way of installing software.

With the above, getting started without the precooked image is also very easy. First, you need Ubuntu 14.04 which you can find on the Ubuntu site. Download an ISO and then install it in a Virtual Box image the usual way you install guest OS.

After Ubuntu is installed and you are within the image, you can install .NET Core by following the getting started instructions. The samples can be found on the core repo at together with instructions on how to get the to run. With all of this, you should be up and running in no time! :smile:

As of now, the main language that is provided is C# and we are working on integrating other languages. You can follow the progress on the CLI repo.

Thanks and hope this helps.


ok, thank you… I’ll try once more…

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