Porting to mobile/wearable Linux?


Are you aware of anybody looking to port .NET Core to mobile/wearable Linux platforms? I am thinking that it shouldn’t be TOO hard.

  • Tizen (mobile and wearable, such as Samsung Z3 and Samsung Gear S2)
  • Sailfish (Jolla Phone, forthcoming Intex Aquafish)
  • Ubuntu Phone (BQ Aquaris E5, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition)

And onto SBCs?

A similar range of hardware perhaps to my matrix for … https://github.com/doublethinkco/webthree-umbrella-cross/?

I started down this path for Mono with http://monotizen.com and Mono for Sailfish. And I’m thinking that a revival might make sense now we have .NET Core :slightly_smiling:

Bob Summerwill


I don’t know of such efforts, but it sounds like a great idea. Go for it!


OK - It’s on backlog for a rainy day :slightly_smiling:
Best wishes!


Their are efforts to port .net to arm and arm64 , ms accepted some community contributions that made coreclr build and run hello world on linux arm and arm64, according to ms road map arm/arm64 will come after version 1.0.0 rtm which is in march, but they are open to community contributions before then.
I followed monotizen and monosailfish project, too bad the projects did not took off well because partly of licencing issues i guess and partly because tizen and sailfish platforms were them self not so compelling.

But now coreclr with its very permissive license the opportunities are unlimited and devs will love to see an alternative to xamarin on android and ios.
I bet eventually someone will do it, but when exactly that is to be seen.
their is also a very good gitter channel where the coreclr team also hangs around as well community contributors you can check that out too , https://gitter.im/dotnet/coreclr

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