Porting to *BSD



I like to hear general feeling about starting to add support for compiling .NET core on *BSD platforms, specifically on FreeBSD. I know the announcement by Microsoft spoke only about bringing it to Linux and Mac OS X. But I think there is also a use case of hosting .NET on FreeBSD machines.

Would there be interest to merge support for FreeBSD into the coreclr repository?


They said they are open to that kind of contribution create an issue on https://github.com/dotnet/coreclr
and someone from Microsoft will surely guide you how to go about that.
Well i do not use BSD i use linux but i saw some people trying to port coreclr to BSD so surely their is interest can’t say how much though.


Before I start such a project I just want to be sure it will not be rejected later for political reasons.

Okay than I go ahead with my original plan and open a ticket/issue about it.

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