Pathfinding Laboratory: run, test and compare pathfinding algorithms and heuristic functions


Hi, I would like to introduce Pathfinding Laboratory: a playground made for running and comparing pathfinding algorithms and heuristic functions.

Primary features:

  • An editable retro RPG-style map where you can place various obstacles, creating whatever maze you want.
  • Five algorithms and three heuristic functions available for playing with (more to be added).
  • Right-clicking on two positions to find a path that can be undone anytime.
  • A grid layer with animation to show expanded nodes and depths(levels).
  • A chart that fully illustrates the evolution of Open List during the process.
  • A code snippet that demonstrates LINQ statement using LINQ to A*.

The project is written in ASP.NET Core MVC/API and TypeScript. The algorithm part of the project is based on LINQ to A*: a POC about pathfinding algorithms written in C# and used with LINQ expressions.

If you are interested in the algorithms, check it out and play with it. :smile: All bugs are welcome to be submitted on its GitHub repository. :sweat_smile:

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