Package management


If a package ‘A’ and a package ‘B’ exist. ‘B’ didn’t use ‘A’ but can be improve by (Or just impove) ‘A’ then it need to reference the package to use it. But if the user already have a package that do what ‘A’ it will grow it source uselessly. The worst is that it must do the bridge between the two package if for a reason. If i well understant that the goal of Owin and .Net. By making a common interface interface library between every project (IEnumerable use by all the enumerable thinks in all package) they can talk together.
But when your face other case were there is no common interface how would you do?
How as developper i never face this problem. It should happend to ervry package on evry solution?
How C++ developper do without .net to unify.

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