P/Invoke on MacOs Environment


As i think C++/CLI is not supported in .NET 5.0, then the only choices is P/Invoke.

I want to wrap Apache Arrow (C++) because the pure C# code not completed yet and we want some advanced features from native library.

Anyone know how to do this? what’s the step by step process for this?


C++/CLI is supported on .Net Core, so it should be supported on .Net 5.0 too. Though it’s only supported on Windows, so I assume that means it’s irrelevant for you.

Have you tried looking at the documentation?

Hi @svick

Thanks for your reply. I’m targeting Unix environment especially data intensive apps. And developing on MacOS.

Yes i’ve seen that. Arrow is in C++ so is that mean that i need to wrap that with C first?

Still confused on this native interop stuff. Any sample on how to do this?


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