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Traditionally the .NET team have been big fans of custom team T-Shirts, mugs, port glasses and other trinkets which we wear to show our pride and hand out as an award for exceptional contribution. Here are a couple of examples from Build 2015 (thanks to Mads and Beth for being unwitting models…) :

Now that the team just got a lot bigger with the >2k folks that have contributed to .NET Foundation projects I was wondering if we should be more democratic about this and put swag designs into a new dotnet/swag repo on GitHub and then set up a CafePress store or similar where folks can order their own (in a size that fits) if they want to show support of .NET.

What do you think? Would anyone want to pay for swag (just delivery costs etc, we would set the store close to break-even - maybe add $1 that we would use to go towards funding of purchases of special edition swag for folks that make an exceptional contribution in a year or something)

  • What do you think - good idea or lame?
  • Do you have picture of your favorite items of swag that we should dig out the designs for?
  • What license should we use for the designs (I was thinking CC-BY)
  • Should we use CafePress or another site? (Zazzle?, What about outside
  • Do we want a voting process before accepting PR’s for swag designs or just leave it fairly open and let people decide with their wallets?

Any other ways that “project swag” should work?


I believe GitHub uses Shopify to sell their merch and it looks pretty nice ( I’m assuming they use one of the Shopify apps to actually print the stuff…

I know lots of the community have been asking me for stickers (e.g., for Roslyn for example), so I think this is a spectacular idea!

Managed Languages team


I want the cat/unicorn shirt :smile:


I think that the GitHub guys manage their own stock and process orders. Their designers are very classy and take great care over material quality etc. I’ll ask. Somethings are great for something like CafePress as they custom print and so we don’t need to keep any stock in or mess about with order fulfillment. Then again, I might need to deal with some stocked items as some things we do like die-cut stickers for your laptop are always much cheaper to order in bulk and very cheap to mail.


This is a cool idea. I would say a voting system would be a good idea to filter out bad shirts first.
A .NET / C# or .Net Core shirt would be cool!


The GitHub shop uses a SF company named Babylon Burning for all our shirts, hoodies and the like.


Sounds like folks are generally positive. I have set up the Git repo here ( and uploaded some versions of the .NET Foundation logo to it. We’ll go track down some more of the art assets and then get the store set up.


I like this idea, but I would suggest looking to an actual t-shirt printing company as opposed to CafePress, Zazzle, etc. I’m not sure how much t-shirts are running on those sites, but it carries a pretty hefty margin. You should be able to get shirts made for well under $10/ea., which makes them more attractive to the community.


Love to do that, but equally I don’t want the .NET Foundation to get into the fashion business manufacturing and shipping T-Shirts which is why a print-on-demand mechandise store would be the preferred option for me personally. (I actually used to work in marketing and distribution for a sportswear manufacturer once but that’s a long story). I’d be very keen to hear about which stores people have had good experiences from when ordering customized stuff.

Of course, if someone else wants to set up a company selling from larger print runs of the shirts taking the artwork straight from the CC0 licensed repo then we’d be more than happy for them to do that. Anything to help get .NET into the hands of someone that wants it.


Currently I’m liking the look of as they seem to support international orders ok (i.e. not just US) and they seem to have a reasonable returns policy for folks. Anyone have any other recommendations and good experiences with this type of print-on-demand vendor?


I do not see asia in their :cry: Maybe asians are not intrested in .net shirts :confused:


@shahid_pk - is there a print on demand store like Cafepress or SpeadShirt in your region that you would recommend?


FYI - Added a PR for the .NET source shirt.


I set up StickerMule with sticker versions of the graphics so far:

People new to StickerMule can get a referral coupon code worth $10 on orders over $50 using Delivery in the US is free and it’s only $6 for small orders via USPS first class mail - that’s how I ordered my own stickers for delivery to here in the UK.

I don’t want to lock in to any one vendor so going to set up another merchandise store now (likely SpeadShirt to begin with) - but if people have a favorite vendor for this type of thing then post in this thread. Especially interested in hearing about any companies that give us a better coverage outside the US.

Also, I set a small markup percentage to these stickers (5%) which we’ll use to help fund stickers to give out at events/meet-ups and to send anyone that contributes a new design a copy of their work.

Don’t forget - if you want to print out your own stuff from home you don’t have to use any of these vendors. Just grab the graphics from the Creative Commons licensed SWAG repo and show your support however you want (send us pics if you do anything particularly creative!).


Hello, where can i get the t-shirts? I would love a roslyn and .net one


I need to get the T-Shirts set up. Let me try and get this sorted this week and I’ll post back with more info.


I could do with making this look prettier - but what do you think to this?



It took you less than one day, it looks awesome

Thanks ordering now!


Ooo totally getting that sexy mug :wink:


I like this idea ,Opening a swag and getting involved into fashion business manufacturing and T shirts shipping doesn’t sounds good for .net community. Instead i recommend to go for print on demand mechandise store.

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