Open sourcing Olso M language


Doesn’t really fit any categories, since it’s hardly a “core” thing, but I surely would love it if Microsoft open-sourced the M technologies (just MGrammar, MSchema and MGraph, not the repository and Quadrant UI). Then it would be up to the community to decide if it should be taken further. I think it’s worth a shot, it was really cool stuff.

Overview of Oslo by Fowler at




Hi kzu,

I worked on the Olso M technology and am happy to hear about your request.

At this point, there are no plans to open-source that work.



That would be another step in the right direction.


I agree. Get the M language and IntelliPad dusted off, publish it, and let the community take it across the finish line.


It would be a real game changer if this is opened and developed as part of the MS Tech stack.

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