Open-sourcing a production-level MTA



TL;DR: We have a product we’d like to contribute to the foundation, how can we do this?

I’m an academic working with the company behind Manta MTA on a few really cool projects. One of the sidelines to these projects is to finally open-source Manta – a production-level MTA. This was developed in-house and has been used for several years. We have a lot of experience with open-source and we’re really keen on contributing this to the dotnetfoundation so that we can see it grow. We really want to avoid the whole “throwing code over a wall” scenario.

I’ve tried to contact the dotnetfoundation via email. Understandably you have been busy, particularly given the recent announcements from Microsoft about open-sourcing their runtime. However, I’d like to reenforce the sentiment of the question asking about the process for accepting projects into the foundation. We have a real and pressing wish to get into this process. Any assistance in this matter would be of great help to us.

Aidan Delaney


Thanks for this offer. I’ll make sure that @varunguptacode has seen this.

For clarity, it sounds like you are not open source yet. Do you want to open source and contribute to the foundation at the same time? Just wanting to validate the plan.

Nice website! It would be good to understand how much of what is shown on that website is part of what you want to open source.


Thank you Aidan for contacting us. Please contact me directly on I would love to chat to move this forward.



Thanks a lot. I emailed you before the weekend. My address is if the mail has happened to land on the bad side of your spam filter.



Hi Aidan, I received your email! Will get back to you asap.

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