Open Source Visual Studio and Consolidate Effort with MonoDevelop


It would be great if Visual Studios’s core is also open sourced and perhaps this effort is merged with Mono Develop so there mainly 1 open source IDE development effort.


There are no plans that I’m aware of to open source significant parts of Visual Studio. That said, I can see the value of what you are asking for.

Our main focus right now is in landing .NET Core. If/when it is super successful, it may influence new choices for Visual Studio. We’ll see.


With regard to .net core you have to break it down to sub-projects and communities around the sub projects. E.g. one of my interest is seeing new custom IR being supported in .net and levering .net are a more universal VM. Like wise others will have different interest. One these sub groups are defines and segregated you will see a more focused interest.

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