Open Source .NET Compact Runtime ?!


Anyway we could get “.NET Compact” runtime open (not all the frameworks just the base runtime and mscore) ??
Its what powered Windows Mobile, WP7, Xbox360, WindowsCE, Dreamcast, ect.

1) The reason is it already ran on all these CPU types: “PPC, ARM, ARMV4, MIPS, SH3, and X86”.

2) It would be cool to have the ability to target CPUs like MIPS even if its only a .NET 2.0-3.5 runtime. For hobby projects or games targeting unique environments this would be supper useful to take a stab at porting it.

3) Also Open Sourcing this would also help porting .NET Core to other platforms like MIPS as it could be used as a reference source.

If its not to much trouble would be a cool thing to consider, tnx.


Many thanks. I’ll pass the feedback along to the team that support the .NET Compact Framework.


Thanks, I think the most important thing to note from this is how it would be valuable to the .NET Core community as there has been talk of porting to some of those architectures.


+1 Open .Net Compact framework would help a lot the community to port .Net Core to IoT devices.

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