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Hi Everyone !

What’s Your Opinion about Incoding framework ?

Let’s look few features:


Define behaviour of your Ajax dynamic pages with NO Javascript code.

@Html.TextBoxFor(r => r.First)
@Html.TextBoxFor(r => r.Last)
@Html.TextBoxFor(r => r.Mark)

      .AjaxPost(Url.Dispatcher().Push(new AddCustomerCommand
                         First = Html.Selector().Name(r => r.First),
                         Last = Html.Selector().Name(r => r.Last)
      .OnSuccess(dsl => dsl.WithId("customers").Core().Trigger.Incoding())

*note: code from .cshtml


Calling Commands and Queries from Razor Views using IML instead of Controller

public ActionResult Details(GetUserDetailsQuery query)
    var model = dispatcher.Query(query);
    return IncView(model);

same sample but with MVD

   .Query(new GetUserDetailsQuery())

Have interest ? welcome to get started

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