OmniDB - An Open Source Web Tool for Database Management and Conversion



We are developing a web tool called OmniDB:
It is open source now, you can check its sources in the GitHub repository

OmniDB supports Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

OmniDB provides a unified workspace to manage databases from different DBMS in a comfortable way. It also can convert schemas between any supported databases and it’s very simple to configure.

We are looking forward to hear feedback from the community. Thanks in advance!


Actually it’s quite impressive. I managed to convert an Oracle DB schema to a Postgres one, with “no errors”, at least that the tool reported.

I wasn’t able to connect to an SQLServer DB, but it’s probably because I couldn’t figure out how to configure the connect string since it’s using integrated security (i.e. Windows accounts and password).

Graph functionality is surprisingly good too.

Would it be possible for your tool to create the DDL targeted at the new DB instead of performing the creation? This would allow users / admins to check the validity and learn the SQL dialects of the various target DBs.

Thanks for developing this. I’ll keep playing with it to see if it could support my work.


Thanks for your feedback!

MS SQL Server integrated security is enabled on the connection when you leave both user and password blank. The currently connected Windows user and password is used in this case. It’s not on the user guide, though. I created an issue to fix it on the user guide.

I also created an issue to implement an option to create a DDL script, instead of performing the conversion on a real schema. Thank you for your suggestion!

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