Official support for multi-tenancy



SaaS applications are a trend and most of them require multi-tenancy support.
I’d like to request official support for multi-tenancy in the DNX packages.

Which should include:

  • Subdomain routing
  • Support for subdomain debugging with VS and IIS Express
  • Multitenant user authentication
  • Support for both global and separate identity systems (whether same username can appear in various tenants)
  • Easy DB partition via:
  • Easy auto-implementation of TenantId per table
  • Easy partition by Schema or by
  • DB per tenant partitioning - by changing the queried DB according to the current tenant
  • A mix of the above

Here are two projects I’m using to implement my application:

I hope this gets in the box. Multi tenant apps are part of many other languages now and should really be part of the .NET foundation.


:thumbsup: Sounds like a good idea to me.



Check also ASP.NET Boilerplate framework for multi-tenancy:
It also extends Identity Framework and uses dynamic filtering to filter tenant entities.

Have a nice day.


I would like to let people know about a multi-tenant web application foundation I’ve been working on for ASP.NET 5/MVC 6

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