Nuget help, need to write .nuspec for .NET Core


I wrote a serializer
There is a project for all the following platforms: .NET, iOS, Android, PCL and .NET Core

And I would like to publish on nuget.
I already have a nupsec which publish for .NET, PCL, Android, iOS, I’d like to add a .NET core output

But I am not sure which group and file path I should use…

for example, the android version is defined as follows:

<group targetFramework="MonoAndroid">

 <file src=".\..\Galador.Reflection.Android\bin\Release\Galador.Reflection.dll" target="lib\MonoAndroid10\Galador.Reflection.dll" />
 <file src=".\..\Galador.Reflection.Android\bin\Release\Galador.Reflection.XML" target="lib\MonoAndroid10\Galador.Reflection.XML" />

What would the definition look like for .NET Core?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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