New to Programming & .Net programming


Hello all who reads…

I recently started programming and want to improve my skills. My skill set only goes as far as the MTA: developer course 98-361, which i will be taking the certification on Monday 12/15, & free online walk-through’s and courses (youtube, udacity), Also, I have have strong knowledge of html and css, and can use java-script and jquery.

If someone is willing to take me under there wing; I will greatly appreciate it…Looking forward to meeting you.



This is probably not the best place to be learning C#.
You should be asking specific questions on IRC channels like:

There are also tons of sample code out there for what every task you are looking to do.


Hi zack,
I know this conversation is a little bit out of date, but i’ll try, i hope you are still interested in the MTA world, we’re looking for smart people that are interested in these type of topics, please keep in contact with us at

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can learn from website.

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