New Reverse Debugger for .NET


Once upon a time in Poland, and no this isn’t a new chapter in the Witcher Series, we were working on a bug report for a big time client, a Fortune 500 client. Definitely not the kind of client you particularly ever want to lose or disappoint.
After three days of grueling work, we hadn’t been successful in solving their problem. In our moment of defeat we resolved to pay the client back for the project. We were dead in the water.
Then, another team decided to give Time Machine a try, which at that point was in its early prototype state. What happened next blew us all away: Within 15 minutes Time Machine showed us precisely what the cause of the root error was. Halleluiah Salvation!
To this day, we all remember the number 11869 because that was the number of the bug report which has saved us endless amounts of time ever since. It is quite literally, 800 times faster in resolving bug issues.
This is the epigenesis of the story of TimeMachine.

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