New Foundation website comps for review

We've started working on a new .NET Foundation web site. Attached are a couple comps for your review. Let us know what you think.


I love the new design, thanks for posting this! I’m thinking my bio could be shorter though --looks lopsided next to Miklos :smile:

This looks cool and awesome from readability point of view. Yeah, bios could be bit shorter with links to details if needed :smile:

I have too many jobs I guess ;-). Yep, I’ll work on a short version.

Nice. The News and Blogs section is good to pull in articles from folks RSS feeds. @meebey was asking for that in the last advisory council meeting.

At the risk of making @BethMassi’s bio bigger, I personally think we can just include people’s official officer positions where relevant in the bios rather than having a separate bio section.

Shall we ask the advisory council folks for a picture as well?

What does the mobile version look like do you think? We using responsive UI?

I’m not sure I want to say I’m a secretary in my professional bio :smile:

But I agree having pictures for the Advisory Council is a good call. Also they should be able to write their own short bios as well (and link to their twitter handles, etc)-- I think what we have was just the basics and not their own words.

Great desing . This current one is borring . Bring the new one on :heavy_plus_sign: :one:

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I thought would be to maybe show recent GitHub changes under the Projects section on the home page. As to the Bios maybe make them hidden by default?

What do we think about pulling an events calendar into the site. I was thinking we could just pull in events tagged with “.net” on (i.e. and encourage people to submit their events that way. We could maybe show them in a widget in the right-hand side of the homepage?


I just remembered that we also have this list as well that displays meetups and user groups. Maybe we can pull these in as well?

Oh wow - that seems like a much better data source. Can we pull this data from somewhere into the site as well? Should we get the Foundation to own this list going forwards and get the Microsoft .NET blog page to pull from us?

@richlander has a data source set up already I believe.

What about a website for the .NET platform? When will there be a website for gettings started with the framework, similar to (which I also presume will be updated soon)?

You raise an awesome point Robert. Right now this is about all there is ( but this is a situation that obviously needs to improve…

We’re looking at our docs and sites across Microsoft, MSDN Library, GitHub, etc. in order to build a better experience here. We know it could be a lot better. Stay tuned!

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