.NET Standart 1.6


I have a .NET Core API requiring .NET Standard 1.6
I haven’t been able to use it with a Desktop WPF app yet (with Visual Studio), I got lots of strange error.
Apparently I found a link that state that .NET Standard requires .NET Framework 4.6.3… which hasn’t been released yet!
Anyone successfully using .NET Standard 1.6 Core profile with Visual Studio and WPF & Xamarin app here?


Yes, according to the documentation for .Net Standard Library, .Net Standard 1.6 corresponds to “vNext” version of .Net Framework.

That means that if you’re writing a library and anything lower than .Net Standard 1.6 won’t work for you and you want to support .Net Framework right now, you would have to compile your library separately for .Net Standard and for .Net Framework.

But if you really require .Net Standard 1.6, I think it’s likely you’re using APIs that are not available in current version of .Net Framework.


Well .NET Standart .1.6 is needed for

Which you can do very easily in .NET SDK 1.0 with AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()

So it’s a very basic feature which requires me to use .NET Framework vNext :’(

1.5 is needed for

I am also using System.Emit which might depends on 1.4…


DependencyContext.CompileLibraries requires either .Net Standard 1.6 or .Net Framework 4.5.1. So in your case, compiling your library for both should work.


well… I just try with Visual Studio and…
I can make a desktop app no problem.

If I try to compile a .NET Core library… I can’t link it with my desktop app, could only link it with .NET Core console app. Further I can’t use the PCL turn .NET Core project in Visual Studio (which accept shared project) I can only use the default .NET Core project (which doesn’t use share project), which force me to duplicate the code base for that, copy/paste for .NET SDK and .NET Core… In a word, this is no progress at all compare to PCL as far as I am concerned, for that library.

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