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Hi community,
I am trying to find the way how to migrate .NET (C#+SharpDX) game to XBox One. Even it is not understandable, .NET is not officially supported on XBox One and there are no plans for that.

Currently our abandoned approaches are using Mono (cannot be compiled for XB1) or use some virtual machine (wouldnt pass XB1 certification).

Our current most favorite approach is to use Roslyn to generate syntax tree, and then use this syntax tree to generate C++/CX code compilable for XB1. Not simple, but theoretically doable.

My question to you if you have any other tips where to go, what to use or try? I think there is many disappointed developers out there, which were looking forward to develop on .NET for XB1, and it would be nice to have some way how to do it by ourselves, if Microsoft is not allowing to help.

Thank you


I heard from some .NET team devs that it was mostly a problem of resources and priority… I believe also that Xbox One Team doesn’t really care about .NET as they have mainly embraced the “Going Native (C++)” trend.

If you want to push .NET on Xbox One, or even every potential - gaming - platforms, give your help to SharpLang, along CoreCLR, that’s the most promising future for .NET Going Native.


Hello Alexander, thank you for the tip, I will check it and see if this can be the way.


.NET Core will run on XBox One, according to http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/dotnetConf/2015/Welcome-and-NET-2015-Overview (27:50)


Afaik, this is for the App OS part of Xbox One (which comes with restrictions in terms of access to hardware resources), but not yet for the Game OS part. I expect that JIT will be able to run on the App OS part (as it will be somewhat a plain Windows 10 OS) but for the Game OS part, the JIT is usually not allowed so it requires .NET Native to work on it. .NET Native is not yet ported to this platform (currently only working for .NET AppStore)


Same here: http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio/suggestions/4233646-allow-net-games-on-xbox-one
The answer from MS didnt mention that it is only for App OS (with limited resources, thus not usable for games).
.NET Native team is not working on XB1 port and not even plan that (afaik)… Its a pity that they dont make .NET Native open source…


Xamarin is working on an Xbox One port of the Mono runtime. It is a static compiler, similar to Xamarin.iOS and the PlayStation 4 port.

Reach out to hello@xamarin.com and we can give you access when it’s ready.


UWP apps wil run on the XB1 in Insider DevMode.

Sickhead a Games has a video on YouTube that shows their MonoGame port running against some kind of display surface in a UWP app on the XB1 showing the gradient triangle demo.

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